River Tanks and Light

 Subject: river tank? info?
> I have a 45 high with nothing to do( former live rock tank). I w
> of trying the river tank kit in it has anyone worked with one (I
> alot of plants in it.  Or I could try to set up an angel tank w/
> no filter system(??)

As far as thge River Tank is concerned, I have seen them but 
wouldn't buy one.  A home made paludarium is much more beautiful, 
and not that hard to construct.  Mine has been running for 4 years 

While a tnak with out filtration with (a few) Angels and lots of 
plants (not just Swords) can work nicely, I wouldn't try it unless 
you are already experienced keeping standard, filtered planted 
Subject: light quality

> Photosynthesis utilizes on the blue (~420-460nm) and the far red
> so it would seem to me that these are pretty good lights at givi
> you want and at a higher output.  One question is...how much are
> where can you get them??

My understanding was that plants use light in the blue and red 
areas of the spectrum, while far-red light actually stops growth. 
(at least with terrestrial plants)

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA