Re: Frogbig

>As well as being in my tropical tank, requiring regular thinning, it is also
>growing outside in buckets with no fertilizer, regular dilution with
>rainwater, cold weather (well, cold for here... a skim of ice on the birdbath
>one morning out of the last two weeks).  If it's green & growing, you're
>doing the right thing.  It will send feathery roots 2+" down into the water -
>the floating rosettes will get about 5" in diameter, individual leaves 1" or
>so.  Just remember to thin often enough that your substrate plants get some

If the frogbit is really happy those leafs will be 2" round and will be raised
above the water level.  The roots will be feathery and up to a foot long.
I have lots of these in my filters and there they are very happy.   They
have never done quite as well in my aquariums.

Ed Tomlinson (tomlins at cam_org)
Montreal, Canada

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