Lighting, Fertilizers, etc.

I have an old 55 gal. tank that I want to put Amazon Swords and Java Fern in,
and I'm looking for some advice.  Will a double bulb hood be enough light for
these, or will I need more bulbs?  If I will need more bulbs, I want to
purchase a hood that is already made to handle 3 or 4 bulbs and fit my
existing tank as well as my Perfecto brand single bulb hood does now.  Can
anyone direct me to a source of such a hood?  I'm lost when it comes to
anything past a basic standard hood, and I want this project to be very
simple. Are there any other brands of laterite out there besides Dupla?  If
so, where can I purchase it?  Feel free to recommend bulb brands also!  Can
an old starter ruin bulbs or have an effect on them?  I had bad luck with
Tritons in the past.  Is tin foil ok to use as a reflective material?  Thank
you for any and all help!  Jeff