Re: Frogbit

On Fri, 2 Feb 1996, pevad at kudosnet_com (Paul Evad) wrote:

<<The Frog's Bit arrived a bit frozen as we had a cold snap here recently,
but I put some of the best pieces in my tank and they are perking up and
sprouting new leaves like mad.
Does anyone have information on the care and feeding of this one? I tried
that aquatic plants database on-line but I couldn't get it to give me the
article on Frog's Bit (Limnobium something).>>

Hi Paul -

Aren't you the fellow in Canada?  I am ecstatic that it made it OK!  I was
sure customs would waylay it... or that the delivery time (7-10 days the
postman said) would kill it.  I guess the wording on the customs declaration
"aquarium decoration" was sufficiently innocuous ;-).

Re care & feeding... I can't kill the stuff.  I think it will thrive in any
conditions that will support any other plants at all.

As well as being in my tropical tank, requiring regular thinning, it is also
growing outside in buckets with no fertilizer, regular dilution with
rainwater, cold weather (well, cold for here... a skim of ice on the birdbath
one morning out of the last two weeks).  If it's green & growing, you're
doing the right thing.  It will send feathery roots 2+" down into the water -
the floating rosettes will get about 5" in diameter, individual leaves 1" or
so.  Just remember to thin often enough that your substrate plants get some