Re: Phantom snails and SAE

Hello all,

A really strange thing happened the other night. I got up to 
get a drink (of juice only) and I decided to check my tank.

I didn't turn the lights at first and when my eyes adjusted to
the light the bottom, which is by the way almost entirely covered
by java moss, I saw literally hundreds of little white 'specks' 
covering the moss. It looked as though there was a snow fall !!

I immediately turned the lights on and discovered hundreds if
not thousands of little snails happily munching on the algae that
must have grown on java moss during the day.Av size was 3mm. 

I never saw any algae myself but since plants apparently were never
damaged  it seemed the most probable explanation.

And I thought I didn't have any snails !!!!! I don't know what
I should do about it (if anything) but I would welcome some
suggestions from the members of this mailing list.

On an unrelated subject, Siamese Algae Eaters are still quite hard
to get here in Canada but the local shop here in Kitchener got them
and they are the real ones. If some of Canadian readers of the list
would like to get some please visit my web site for more info and 

On my web site I also have pictures of my aquarium with all the
technical  information.....

Franc Gorenc      Kitchener, Canada

Email       franc at golden_net
Web site  http://www.golden.net/~franc