new lights by DURO-TEST

A question for all the lighting experts out there. I just
received the spectral analysis for the new Aurora V from
Duro-Test(vita-lite) and I wondered what the opinions on it
would be. Let me start by saying in 3 foot it has 50% more
lumens than a vita-light. 2400 compared to 1600. The ultra-
tri-lux is 1880. The CRI is 85 and the temp is 5000k. They
describe it as sunlight-simulation. Ok then, there is 3
major peaks and one minor. The first peak  is at 420nm is
about 50%, next at 490nm is at 30%, next 540nm is 100% and
the last is 605nm and 90%.. The percentages are of max light
Looking at other spectrums for other bulbs, this appears to
be good combo,maybe a little too red. Good for plants or not