Stem Plants

Subject: Stem Plants
> This question will reveal the depths of my ignorance about aquat
> but does anyone have an effective way of keeping non-rooting ste
> like hornwort, from getting loose and floating to the top of the
> I can't seem to get those lead weights to work for me.  I presum
> least one of the following is true:
> a) sometimes I put the weight on too loosely and the plant slips
> b) sometimes I put it on too tight and the plant rots at the bot
> comes loose
> c) I am trying to do something unnatural for the plant.

And the answer iiis... C!  Hornwort doesn't _want_ to be planted, 
and ain't anything you're gonna do that will keep it there.<g>  If 
you want a "feathery" plant that will stay rooted, and is fairly 
undemanding. (with good light) try Limnophila.  Leave the Hornwort 
to float on the surface, where it will perform for you quite