No Subject

OK, I have been pretty damn quite while I Have been lurking here, but time
to de-lurk.  I HAVE A (you have to excuse my caps-lock problem my daughter
dropped some juice on my keyboard last week) 55gal planted tank, with diy
co2, ugf, dupla balls, and dupla drops.  I recently switched to 48" LIGhting
and I am having problems finding Ultra Tri lux ligths in that size!  I
usually order from Pet Warehouse (THE bestIMHO)  I know one of the other
mail order (I BElieve MOPS) places have them but I have not had good luck
with them ( the bill you and wait for 1 month to ship the product if they
are backordered! )    Any suggestions?  

 I LIve in PORTLANd OREgon,  anyone want to trade some plants?  

              Drink an ale and be smiley!!!!! 

                         -Mark JACKSOn  (kinda a computer geek)