Bacterial Filters and Crypts


> >From: RWing137 at aol_com
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> >I read David W. Webb's responce "First time with CO2" and I am 
> >his statement that he has no bacterial filters on any of his ta
> >My question then is what type of filters do you use or do you n
> >filter system?
> >Dave, can you please expound on this subject, or anyone else wh
> >experimented with no filtration.

I do not purposely run my tanks without filtration, but I have, on 
several ocassions had a filter out of commission for up to a 
couple of weeks at a time on my heavily planted tanks.  I have 
never seen any negative results from this.  I suspect they would 
do just fine without a bacterial filter, but I do like some water 
movement, which the filters provide.  They also power my CO2 


 Subject: Sera Iron test kit & Crypts

> Also I have some Cryptocoryne willisii that did a little "melt-d
> first got them (about 6 months ago) and have lately done another
> this have been caused by changing the amount of light they get? 
> most of the floating plants over them (because I thought there w
> be plenty). Would this have done it? Or, could it have been caus
> upping the fertilizer level? I know these are fussy -- would jus
> opinions.

Almost any change in conditions can cause Crypts to melt.  They 
usually come back just fine though.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA