Re: Lighting through side wall?

>From: "Shane Earl Wernsing" <wern0047 at gold_tc.umn.edu>
>Date: Fri, 2 Feb 96 09:27:49 -0600
>Subject: Lighting through side wall?


>hardy plants (Java fern?  anything else?) and place them on one side of the 

Anubias, Java moss.

>tank.  Then, I would set up a bulb on that side of the tank and illuminate the 
>plants through the end wall.  Is the glass on the side too much thicker than 
>glass on the hood for this to light plants?

I don't think the thickness of the glass would cause any problem since 
the energy loss within the glass itself is pretty negligible compared to
the loss due to the scattering (unless you build a "hood" with relector
to cover the light). The optic engineer in this mailing list might be able 
to confirm this. We know who he is :) .

Another problem that would occur is that most plants grow towards the direction
where the light comes from. Therefore, you would end up with plants growing