Re: snail-eating fish

On Feb 2,  3:39pm, Aquatic-Plants-Owner at ActWin_com wrote:
> From: olga at arts_ubc.ca (Olga Betts)
> John
> >
> >I've had great success with skunk loaches eating the Maylian
> >snails that infested my 55 gal. hex tank.  They are about 1.5"
> >long.  In about 2-3 weeks every snail was gone!!
> I can't believe that you wanted to kill off all your Malaysian snails.
> Where do you live? I'm sure you could have found lots of people who would
> have liked to have them. Why don't you want them? I want some but I need
> ones that are big enough not to be eaten by my Clown loaches.

	Botias seem to like snails.  I've got a couple small botias
	(forget the species...) that eat every snail they can find,
	including the Malaysians.  Fortunately they haven't eliminated
	the snails because they live in the gravel and are hard to
	eliminate.  I didn't know I even had them until I started finding
	empty shells from time to time.


	(no weather report here in Colo, it's too cold)