re:Lighting through side wall?

>From: "Shane Earl Wernsing" <wern0047 at gold_tc.umn.edu>
>   I have a 55 gallon tank and am thinking of adding some plants.  I'd like to 
>start small in order to see how green my thumb is.  I thought I would get a
>hardy plants (Java fern?  anything else?) and place them on one side of the 
>tank.  Then, I would set up a bulb on that side of the tank and illuminate the 
>plants through the end wall.  Is the glass on the side too much thicker than 
>glass on the hood for this to light plants?
>   Thanks for any help

This should work, but expect the following:

1. The plants will grow in the direction of the light.
2. You'll get more algae on the lighted surface than normal.

David W. Webb in frozen Plano, TX