Frog's Bit

First off I'd like to say thanks to Anne Hull Seales for sending me some
Frog's Bit. (I would've responded directly but I lost your e-mail).

The Frog's Bit arrived a bit frozen as we had a cold snap here recently,
but I put some of the best pieces in my tank and they are perking up and
sprouting new leaves like mad.

It looks like it's supposed to be a floating plant, though I'm not to sure
because of the root's. It's very nice though.

Does anyone have information on the care and feeding of this one? I tried
that aquatic plants database on-line but I couldn't get it to give me the
article on Frog's Bit (Limnobium something).


- Paul

BTW, Anne - you'll get a package from me after the weather warms up.

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