Re: catalogs (V1 #227)

My friend (and partner in becoming aquarium-addicted) and I have only
recently taken up LIVE PLANTS, and we just got some plants by mail from
Aquarium Driftwood. We're both really pleased with what we got: several
Aponogeton bulbs, some swordplants, various bunch plants (hygros, hornwort,
and some ludwigia that we didn't even order!). They didn't have everything
we originally ordered in stock, but they substituted things worth at least
as much. In fact, they also tossed in lots of extra stuff--we got almost
twice as much as we ordered!! Everything seemed to be in pretty good shape,
too, except that the tropical sunset hygro lost a lot of leaves. Their
prices are the best I've seen for most of their line.

We also got some nice driftwood--the genuine bog stuff that sinks right
away. It was a little on the expensive side, but once again the pieces were
at least as big as advertised, some much bigger than we expected.

Overall, i'm thrilled and wouldn't hesitate to recommed them. One catch: it
did take over two months for them to send me a catalog. Worth the wait,

The address, etc.:
     Aquarium Driftwood
     P. O. Box 1607
     Semmes, AL 36575
     phone #s (800) 600-4132 or (334) 649-4764
     fax (334) 645-2323

Good luck!


ps it's cold & clear here (ithaca, ny)