Re: Valve for CO2

>From: gomberg at wcf_com (Dave Gomberg)

>Hoa:  I bought an all plastic valve at my local aquarium store for
>$1.50 or so, works fine and no sign of deterioration.  And it is
>checked every time it is used (twice daily, don't ask, it's a long
>story).  And it works every time.  No visible deterioration in six
>months, nor is there any reason a weak acid like carbonic should
>attack a plastic valve.    Dave


It sounds like you do not use your valve on a continuous basis, so 
perhaps the carbonic acid doesn't have a chance to work on it.  I have
gone through 2 of those cheap $1.50 valves already (2 different brands 
and designs).  Each lasted only a few months before the rubber diaphram 

Anyway, after George suggested the Dupla bubble counter with valve, I 
went to the Pet Warehouse catalog and found that Dupla also has a $15 CO2
check valve.  I think I'll get that one (I already have my own home-
made bubble counter).