Re: Valve for CO2

> From: gomberg at wcf_com (Dave Gomberg)
> Hoa: I bought an all plastic valve at my local aquarium store for
> $1.50 or so, works fine and no sign of deterioration.  And it is
> checked every time it is used (twice daily, don't ask, it's a long
> story).  And it works every time.  No visible deterioration in six
> months, nor is there any reason a weak acid like carbonic should
> attack a plastic valve.  Dave


You have been lucky - there have been many reports of the aquarium 
check valves melting down.  I personally experienced it.  Ours had a
triangle shaped part inside that was affected by the acid - it got
swollen and mishapen (it probably was something other than plastic).

George in Colorado With 6" Of Snow And -10 F