Value of plants

If you need another reason to do a planted tank, consider the general
well-being and aggression reduction in your tank.  I have a 50tall with lots of
plants and in the presence of a breeding pair of angels, a pair of pearl
gouramis (3+ inches), a pair of rainbows (similar), 4 large corys and 3 large
whiptails, 8 cardinals, and an SAE (3.5") a tiny pair of kribs have managed to
spawn (no big surprise there) and to DEFEND THE BABIES WHEN FREE-SWIMMING!  
This is because they have managed to claim a 3 gallon area defined by plants as
their own and exclude the other fish from it.  In another couple of days the
babies will be too big and fast for the smaller predators and finally
reasonably safe.  I leave the smallest light on at night so the parents can
keep some kind of vigil.   Dave

Dave Gomberg, Experimenta      San Francisco CA USA   gomberg at wcf_com