A new FW plant tank

I recently set up a 20g freshwater tank  planted wth Wisteria, Cabomba, 
Giant Hygrophila, Sun-Tropical Hygrophila, Anubias nana, and Rotala (I'm 
not sure which species).  All are planted in a 2" layer of sand covering 
a vermiculite-loam mixture. I supplement with 2 drops Duplaplant 24 
fertilizer once a day.  CO2 is made by the yeast method and 50W of 
fluorescent light illuminates the tank.  The loam and sand were obtained 
from a local gravel/sand/rock yard here in College Station, Texas. So 
far my bunch plants are beginning to root and everything looks great!  
This is my first FW planted tank. I could not have been this successful 
from the beginning without the info provided on the net by Jim Kelly and 
by my friend here in College Station, John Davis.  Thanks guys!  I'll 
keep eveyone posted!

Robb VanPutte