say it ain't so!  could my driftwood be buffering my pH?  after 
placing a handful of gravel in some R.O. water, the pH went to 7.6, 
not even co2 could lower it.  

i am planning to replace the gravel with a substrate that will not 
buffer my pH basic.  but before I tear my aquarium down, i decided to 
test everything in the aquarium (ie, gravel, rocks, & driftwood).

the various rocks I have didn't cause pure R.O. water to change it's 
pH, but the driftwood did.  it went right to 7.4.  could this be?  i 
got the idea that a decaying piece of driftwood would produce more 
acidic conditions.  what up?

matt van buskirk - in blah, blah, blah, where it's blah degrees