Re: White goo on airstone

> I'm injecting the CO2 from my yeast bottle into the bottom of one of
> those small plastic spring water bottles. the airstone is epoxied
> into the bottom and water enters through holes around the perimeter.
> the top is attached to a small power head. Seems to do the job-CO2
> level is high and plants are taling off.
> I noticed that some white jelly-like goo grows on the airstone after
> a while. Anyone know what it is. Harmful or harmless?

I have come to find that if you fill the bottle containing the the yeast 
mixture too full and shake it occasionally, some of the mixture is bound 
to make its way slowly down to the airstone and collect.  I noticed this 
same occurrence repeatedly till I started filling just barely over half 

At any rate, the goo never seemed to affect the chemistry of the water, 
but I was paranoid so I filled the 2-liters less.

Tyson Lee
tyson at phoenix_net