Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #219

A tragedy...

My roomate had an urge to help me out this weekend by topping off my tanks 
(a 30 and a 20 both heavily planted) with RO water.  But instead of using RO 
water he put in a couple gallons of 50X African Violet fertilizer in each 
tank.  I got home an hour later and he was frantic trying to figure what to 
do.  I simply did a complete water change, fished out all of the dead fish, 
and changed out all of the filter media.  i figure that i am going to be 
removing dead plant material for a while due to the osmotic shock and 
poisoning.  I can already tell that i am going to loose all of my 
crpytocorynes...well the old growth at least.  The newest growth doesn't 
seem to be as damaged, and the swords all seem to be ok.  I figure that i 
should also do another big water change in the next few days.

Sigh...at least i can now get some nice new angelfish and possible discus :) 

John Davis