Potassium Permanganate

> 	Potassium permanganate--how much?
> Would anyone know how much potassium permanganate (grams/ounces/tsps), say,
> per gallon? I understand Jungle's Clear Water and Aquatronics' Flukes

	Hi again, Roger here.  Here's a list of some common disinfectants 
used in aquariums:

Copper Sulfate               1:2,000               1 min

37% Formalin                 1:500                 15 min
                             1:5000                1 hour

Potassium Permanganate       1:1000                30 sec
                             1:100,000             30 min

Methylene Blue               1:350,000             4 days

Malachite Green              1:15,000              20 sec
                             1:200,000             1 hour

1 teaspoon/gallon = 1:757 = 0.13%


            1 tsp Potassium Permanage in 1.33 gallons ought to make a
good 30 sec dunking solution for plants or ornaments.  Alum (Aluminum 
Sulfate) is supposed to be very good at removing snails from plants, but 
I don't know the dosage.  Try 1 tsp/gallon.  Potassium Chromate and 
Silver nitrate have also been used as disinfectants, though I would avoid 
them.  The only disinfectant suitable for use in an aquarium is Methylene 
blue.  All the others are designed to disinfect objects removed from the 
tank and soaked separately.  To sterilize  rocks, tubes, filters et all, 
use a 1/4 bleach solution.  Rince with water afterward and let dry about 
24 hours, or until the bleach smell is gone.  To sterilize gravel, rince 
well, put in a bucket and fill with boiling water.  Remember, a 
thoroughly sterile tank will have to re-establish its areobic bacteria 
before fish can live in it and this takes around two weeks, plants can be 
introduced immediatly however.

> "Every infinity is composed of only two halves."

	however, 0.13% infinity = infinity,

		      Roger L. Sieloff