Delaware Aquatic Imports number

>On Jan. 22, 1996, Zeb Swinney wrote:
>Help!  I can't contact Delaware Aquatics.  Someone from the net gave me the
>phone number (302)783-4042 but I get an error message that says this number
>isn't in service.  I have called information and they don't have a listing
>for Delaware aquatics or Mike Tronkowski in the whole state of Delaware.
>Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Also, what other decent quality
>mailorder plant places are out there?
>Thanks for your help.

I called Mike last week on wed. the 17th and placed an order with him. He
said that they had not been able to ship for about 2 weeks due to the
weather, but other than that, they were doing well. In fact, he was quite
excited about the  retail outlet he plans on opening soon. The phone number
you have does have a transposed number in it however. The correct number is
(302)738-4042. It is best to call Mike in the evenings. I hope this helps.


Jay Bickford

Fort Smith, Arkansas
aka "Hell on the border."