Halogen lovers

On Jan.20, Greg Tong wrote:
>Thought you'd want to know about a portable halogen lamp by Ace Hardware
>for only $15. It's a 150 watt halogen clamp lamp. It comes with a 15-foot,
>3-conductor cord that operates on a 120 volt circuit, and stands a little
>over 1 foot total.  The 150-watt bulb is included.
>I think this may be a very good deal for low-cost lighting of a plant tank
>if you're interested in the halogen
I ,too, am interested in the possibility of using Halogen lights with a
plant tank. Has anyone ever tried them in combination with full spectrum
fluorescents? If so, what were your impressions with their color and how
they effected the plant growth? What about the overall "mood" they gave the

One plus I can see for Halogen lighting is its low initial cost. On the
downside, halogen lighting is not a very efficient power user when compared
to Metal halide,( but more so than conventional incandescents ). Metal
Halide is more expensive on the front end, but is a more efficient user of
power on the back end. Which one you decide to use could very well rest on
how much electricity costs in your area of the country, and/or how cheaply
you can put together a metal halide system. A used MH ballast and bulb can
be had for under $100.(At least I've seen one supplier in TFH selling them
for that.)


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