Re: Delaware Aquatics

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> From: Zeb Swinney <zeb at capital_net>
> Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 01:34:40 GMT
> Subject: What happened to Delaware Aquatics?
> Help!  I can't contact Delaware Aquatics.  Someone from the net gave me the
> phone number (302)783-4042 but I get an error message that says this number
According to FAMA, the actual number is (302) 738-4042

> isn't in service.  I have called information and they don't have a listing
> for Delaware aquatics or Mike Tronkowski in the whole state of Delaware.
Mike Trzonkowski

> Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

As for mailing address, its:

18 Anderson Rd.
Newark, DE

John Green
London, ON