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Here is something that might interest some folks on the plant list.
The attribution is probably incorrect, but I am not to blame.  The
article had been forwarded multiple times before I found it.

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>From: AQUAPHYTE, vol. 15, no. 2 - Fall 1995
>The Aquatic Plant Information System (APIRS) is now online,  24-
>hours  a  day.  The 41,000-item database about freshwater macro-
>phytes is the largest of its kind, and since 1981, it  has  been
>used  by  thousands  of  various users [see BEN 87 --- 5-January
>1995]. The users had to write or phone to the  APIRS  office  in
>Florida and the APIRS office performed their data base searches.
>Now  users  may  use the database by themselves, searching it in
>whatever ways they see fit. Use of the database remains free  of
>The  APIRS is available through the Internet as a World Wide Web
>   http://aquat1.ifas.ufl.edu/
>(or you can telnet directly to After following
>the sign-on procedure (logon as "guest" - no apostrophes  -  and
><return>  for  password  and  another  <return>  for the default
>terminal), you may search the database in myriard  ways:  search
>by keyword, author, date, citation, plant species, etc. [I found
>that  it  is  rather tricky to sign out. To end the search press
>return in the search mode, than enter Q twice. You will get  the
>system's  $ sign. Enter "exit" - no apostrophes - to disconnect.
>- AC]
>The Centre for Aquatic PLants welcomes reprints  from  research-
>ers.  Authors  can  search  the  database  for  their  name (use
>lastname$ - $ will take care of initials, etc.)  and  send  any-
>thing  not  already  listed.  The address is: Center for Aquatic
>Plants, Aquatic  Plant  Information  Retrieval  System  (APIRS),
>University  of  Florida,  7922 N.W. 71st Street, Gainesville, FL
>32606, USA.
>The Aquatic plant World Wide Web site
>   http://aquat1.ifas.ufl.edu/
>offers a variety of free and  for-sale  products  and  services.
>Besides  the  APIRS  database  you  can  access line drawings of
>aquatic plants,  high  resolution  photographs  of  aquatic  and
>wetland plants, etc. You can contact two aquatic plant Extension
>Specialists  and  link  with other sites of interest to botanist
>and aquatic plant ecologists. The APIRS office  is  planning  to
>develop  an interactive "short course" about aquatic and wetland
>plants as part of this Web site.
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