Re: new tank

>actually doing much better in the new tank for about 2 months. Since 
>then, they started being bad ( growing slowly or not growing ). And I 
>started having algae problems. I have been adding liquid Fe fertilizer 
>regularly. The only reason that I can think about is that the new gravels 
>had some important ingredients and they are now exhausted. Any comments 
>or suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

What I'm about to say is probably close to an heresy... but here it goes
anyway: I don't have that happen, I don't use any fertilizers.... and I use
undergravel filters. I think that the undergravel filters suck in a lot
of matter than soon becomes nutritious for the plants. Sure, they might
still lack in some nutrient, but I never have problems with plants stopping
their growth; I wouldn't be surprised if it were because of the undegravel
filters. I know a lot of aquarists avoid them as much as possible if they
have plants... I don't know why.
I don't have any CO2 injection, so the plants are totally in their own.
Maybe with a very rapid growth caused by CO2 they consume the nutrients
before more can be produced?