Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #203

>So, my questions are:
>(1) Given that the plants are growing like crazy and the number of fish in
>the tank is minimal, why aren't the plants producing enough oxygen on their
>own to keep things going smoothly overnight?
>(2)  Am I going to have to keep an airstone going permanently in the tank?
>(3)  And, am I right in thinking it's a poor idea to be shutting down the
>every 12 hours?

Let me start by saying I am new to this list and am in Peoria Il. I have the
same water conditions and have found that the water seems to be to hard to
lower the ph to below 7 without the CO2 becoming toxic to my fish. I run my
tank now at about 7.1 and that seems to be best for the fish, mind you I am
using tap water only. I will soon go to R.O. water to remedy this problem.
Also keep in mind that when the lights are off your plants will consume
oxygen as well.