Re2: post-move phenomena

On  Fri, 19 Jan 1996 krandall at world_std.com (Karen A Randall) writes:

<<Many people have observed that Sag and Val tend not to do equally 
well in the same tank.  One will flourish while the other limps 
along.  Whether this is a case of allelochemichals at work, or 
whether it is simply that conditions favor one genus over the 
other is unclear.>>

Perhaps I didn't word my question well... in the absence of being crowded by
a previously established stand of (possibly allelopathic) Val I expected the
Sag to grow more strongly (faster etc) but I didn't expect the radical change
in leaf size.  Wondering if that's likely to continue or if it's a temporary
I was planning to keep space between the Sag & Val in hopes that they will
happily occupy opposite ends of the tank in equivalently strong stands (uh
oh, separate but equal?) & leave room in between for other interesting
plants.  We'll see how it goeth.  

Thanks for the answers -
sunny once again Santa Cruz, CA