Re: Reflective Material

Dirk  wrote:
> Does anyone either know what I read or a good reflective 
> material for DIY flour. fixtures?

There was a lot of discussion here on the APD in issues
36,41-44,46,51,56-58,70,72,73,146 and 153. The suggestions
included white paint, reflective mylar, polished aluminum,
and aluminum foil. I would suggest that taping the shiny
side of aluminum foil inside your hood would be more than
acceptable. Someone suggested the optimum shape for uniform
lighting and to avoid reflected light hitting the tube
is a shape like the McDonald's arches with the tube in 
the middle. For a DIYS project that's a lot of work for
the last 1-2% but its easily do-able with triangular
cross section pieces of wood + tinfoil.
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