Re: Tetra Flora Pride, different versions?

>From: Mark Grech <montrea at mbox_vol.it>
>Date: Thu, 18 Jan 1996 02:06:36 -0500
>Subject: Tetra Flora Pride, different versions?

<stuff deleted>

>Does the 'iron rich' indication on one bottle imply that the
>other version does not contain any iron additives?

Tetra used to sell two varieties of FloraPride.  One was the "Iron Intensive"
formula and I don't remember what the other was called.  The "Iron Intensive"
formula was basically soluble potash (Potassium) and a little Fe.  The other
formula was potash and a little Nitrogen.  However, I remember both having
the same dosing instructions.  What you have may be something I haven't seen
(or my memory is failing<g>).  Is there a guaranteed analysis printed on the
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