Post-move phenomena

Well, we did it.  Got a house, nice old house, with not a shred more space
for the blasted aquaria!    Self-limiting & all that.  Darn windows, getting
in the way alla time. Piffle.

The only one we had to break down all the way for the move was the 55gal.  I
took that opportunity to reduce the size of the driftwood palace, banish 99%
of the frogbit & 75% of the Vallisneria, mix the gravel with more clay (Tetra
Initial D - no time for the wicked to remember mail-order dirt, sigh), and of
course re-landscape.

We can see most of the fleet of cories far more often; the crypts turned out
to be FAR larger than I had thought, buried back there in the val
(thrilling!); the ambulia is actually growing instead of sulking; the 'bows
are gathering their rosebuds of open racing space while they may; poor Mr.
Pl*co has nearly adjusted to his reduced demesne; the housemate's killer
rocking chair fits delightfully right in front of the aquarium - but yes,
still, I am unfulfilled.  I seem to have some questions.

1) Sagittaria.  We previously had some sagittaria (variety unknown) in a
corner, cowed by the burgeoning val into stasis.  Replanted it in the "new"
tank with no val within 18 inches... formerly, this plant had leaves that
were at *most* 1/2-inch wide.  Since the move, it has been splooging out vast
reddish ribbons that are 1-1/4 inches wide!  Is this normal?  Is it likely to
continue?  Did we have closet Giant Sagittaria?  Should I just shut up &
enjoy it?

2) (roll a little Jaws music intro, then say to the tune of Pigs in Space:)
...Blue Green Algae.  I think we have a nasty layer of BGA right under the
first layer of gravel (the tank was moved Dec 30).  A couple of times my SO
has observed a bubble emerging from the gravel.  I have seen a lot of BGA
discussion on here... but I can't remember - in this location & incarnation -
Should I Be Worried?  Perhaps Do Something?  If So, What?  ::Sob:: I've never
had this before.  Thread & brush, that's the extent of my experience. 

Thanking all experienced movers & shakers & watchers of fish,

Santa Cruz, where it has seemed for about 5 hours now like it should be 4