Re: Cabomba

Elizabeth Worobel (Dr. Dave) wrote:
> 	You think youve got problems with rain ... today its -34C with a 
> 20 to 30 mph wind from the northpole with ice for roads and no visibility 
> due to blowing snow ... half the schools are closed.
been there, did that; I grew up in Alberta. -40 not uncommon.

> 	At any rate, Cabomba is difficult to grow. It has a high light 
> compensation point and cannot use bicarbonate. It therefore requires lots 
> of light, soft water and an acidic pH. I think your light is fine but 
> what is your pH? I have also read that Cabomba cannot tolerate water 
> movement but I dont put too much stock in that. Finally, I agree with your 
> assesment of the iron situation. I make my own chelated iron with EDTA and
>  FeCl3. You might also want to add the other micronutrients (Mn, Cu, Zn,
>  Co, B, Mo). It is my opinion also that Cabomba needs a rich sediment, 
> though you also seem to have that covered. What kind of soil did you put 
> in your one tank?
I used a commercial soil: earthworm castings. I also use Flourish which
I believe has the other micronutrients you mentioned. In that tank the
red Cabomba is growing but the green never successfully rooted. I don't
measure pH often but try to maintain 6.5-6.8 with very soft water &
yeast CO2. You're right about it not liking +7pH! I also have a fairly
steady water flow from a powerhead which doesn't seem to bother it.