Re: Plant shade for fish

> From: cath at aligrafix_co.uk (Cath Grimshaw)
> Has anyone got any bright ideas for a plant suitable for shading comets?
> Ideally a fairly low lying one with large leaves (which they perhaps won't
> uproot!). 

I think you mean one type of goldfishes, right?  Goldfishes are notorious
plant eaters, so you have either to use very hard-leaved, hardy plants
or provide optimal conditions for the plants so that they will grow fast
enough.  If you want the first, try java fern (Microsorum pteropus) or
some type of the big anubias plants (Anubias spp.)  They have tough leaves
and don't need too much light or nutrients, but they grow slowly.

> My local fish store is too small for a huge variety and another
> shop told me that fish are not interested in plants they are purely for
> aesthetic purposes (the plants not the fish!). Can this be true?

Stupid another shop.  Living plants are good because
- they provide places to grow for the Good Bacteria
- they use some of the nasty nitrogen compounds you try to get rid of
- they provide shade, hiding places and spawning sites
- they provide natural extra food for veggie eaters like goldfishes
- healthy plants are a sign of a healthy tank
- they make the tank damn pretty!

Liisa Sarakontu, in Southern Finland surrounded by yecchy, wet 
smelting snow and waiting for the Real Winter to come back