Re: Cabomba

	You think youve got problems with rain ... today its -34C with a 
20 to 30 mph wind from the northpole with ice for roads and no visibility 
due to blowing snow ... half the schools are closed.
	At any rate, Cabomba is difficult to grow. It has a high light 
compensation point and cannot use bicarbonate. It therefore requires lots 
of light, soft water and an acidic pH. I think your light is fine but 
what is your pH? I have also read that Cabomba cannot tolerate water 
movement but I dont put too much stock in that. Finally, I agree with your 
assesment of the iron situation. I make my own chelated iron with EDTA and
 FeCl3. You might also want to add the other micronutrients (Mn, Cu, Zn,
 Co, B, Mo). It is my opinion also that Cabomba needs a rich sediment, 
though you also seem to have that covered. What kind of soil did you put 
in your one tank?

Dr. Dave