Tetra Flora Pride, different versions?

I regularly use the Tetra Flora Pride (and tablets) as the
sole means of fertilisation in my rather small (120 litre)
planted aquarium.

Recently I bought a new supply of Flora Pride and to me surprise
I found that the dose indicated on the bottle was different from
the usual recommended dose. Also, the new bottle had a brown cap
while the older type had a yellow cap. The wording on the bottle
was different too. The brown capped one was marked prominently
that it contained iron while the other bottle is not marked with
these words. The indicated dose on the brown capped bottle is
5ml per 10g while the yellow capped version's dose is 5ml per 2g.
I was delighted with this since the brown capped bottle comes at
the same price as the other one and lasted longer with very good

Can anybody verify that these two versions of Tetra Flora Pride
are in fact different?

Does the 'iron rich' indication on one bottle imply that the
other version does not contain any iron additives?

It may be worth mentioning here that I had good and comparable
results with both bottles of fertilizer.

Any help will be greatly appreciated, since I am relatively new
to planted aquariums.