2nd rec.aquaria RFD

I hate to post here on this, but in the news.groups discussion over the 
rec.aquaria re-org, there has been considerable argument from a very few 
individuals that the rec.aquaria.freshwater.plants and other specialty 
newsgroups have no backing and should not be created unless they will be 

P Deitiker wrote:
> No, it means that. as far as I'm concerned, there has been no statistically
> analyzed popular poll which supports the inclusion of such groups. I've
> repeatedly ask for this info and have been repeatedly denied it. What we do
> have is a poll from 20 months back supporting the major subdivision of
> rec.aquaria, BUT (accepting one specialty group) none of the
> specialty groups. The proponents have claimed, with alot of handwaving and
> political doubletalk, that there has been a change of opinion concerning
> the specialty groups but cannot support their claims. Therefore I'm forced
> to conclude that there probably won't be enough traffic to warrant such
> groups. It is my beleif that a newsgroup should have an average of 25
> postings per day to make it worth while (for me including in my News group
> list, and to give an example I cancelled my Celegans list because the
> traffic did not warrant its presence). Purely speculative, since the data
> has not been presented, but I feel that at least five of the proposed
> catagories are not warranted...

This is what I'm asking.

Please respond to the following post (if you care/if you can) on news.groups.

Sender:  P Dietiker
Subject: Re: 2nd RFD: rec.aquaria reorganization 
Date:    16 Jan 1996 14:35:20
Address: news:4dh268$7 at gazette_bcm.tmc.edu

Let Phillip Dietiker, Ken Arromdee, David Parsons, and the others know that 
there are a lot of us here, many of whom would like a newsgroup for aquatic 

I'd conduct a poll, but I just don't have the time for another one.

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