RE: Sandpoint CO2 setup

> From: Don Pickerel <pickerel at netcom_com>
> I've finally gotten my Sandpoint CO2 system up and running. Comments on
> this list were very helpful, and thanks to those contributors. I have a
> couple of questions, since it came with no instructions.

The instructions that come with them are quite detailed. You may be able
to call them and get a set. I've found them quite helpful on the phone for
aany of their products.

> Are there any guidelines to setting the bubble rate? I'm using the
> Sandpoint reaction chamber, a long green tube within a tube. Since my pH
> did a fast nosedive while trying the initial setup, I don't want to mess
> with it too much, but I don't want the system to over-react either.

The one thing you have to watch with the Sandpoint is that it shuts off
the solenoid when the pH drops .02 below the preset point. Excess CO2
in the reator at that point will continue to drive the pH down. (Yes, it
can even be a problem in my 225 gal) I set the bubble rate so the the
CO2 just barely holds on to the pH. It only comes on a couple hours
after the lights and only shuts off a couple times a day. (briefly)

> The airline tubing that came with the system is a black rubber. Is this a
> special tubing to handle co2? I'd like to get a longer piece, but I'm not
> sure what to use.
It is neophrene. You can by it and other CO2 safe tubing from your local
welding supply.

> - -Don Pickerel-
> (And George, if you keep giving weather reports from my home state, you
> might end up with me and a sleeping bag on your front porch) :-) from wet
> and dreary Mountain View

I _like_ the forcasts :-) (It will be sunny and 66 here in Alabama today )

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