re: [Q] Water Chemistry

>My first question is ( finally I get
>to the point ! ) does anybody have any good formula's for figuring out
> how much water at hardness x to add to water of hardness y to get water
>at hardness z ect..

I don't know if it's right, but I've read that the following works:

If A is the dH of the hard water
and B is the dH of the soft water
and C is the desired dH

then the difference between A and C equals the necessary parts soft water
andthe difference between B and C equals the necessary parts hard water.

Thus, if you have pondwater of (to make things easy) 16dH and tapwater of
3dH, and you wanted 8dH pondwater, then you'd have to mix 8 parts pondwater
with 5 parts tapwater.