Re: Jack's tank

> From: Jack D OLeary <jdo at world_std.com>
> Dan,
> I would very much like to photograph this tank (and some of the fish in 
> it), but I am "f-stop challenged" and haven't had much luck getting 
> acceptable photos.  Any suggestions for getting good results with an 
> Olympus Stylus pocket camera?  Is a certain type of film better?  Someday 
> I will get an SLR, tripod, etc., but right now this camera is all I 
> have.  It does great for snapshots and outdoor scenery.

Suggestions? Hmmmmm.  Just one: hire a professional photographer.

HAHAHAHA. (God, I've *got* to stop drinking and posting.) 

Seriously, though, contact me `off the list' if you're interested and I
might have a few suggestions.

Dan Resler

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