Re: PMD drops and heaters

On Monday, 15 January 1996, Olga wrote:

> Kevin: I'm interested in the Poor Man's Dupla Drops:
> The current PMDD formula is:
>   1 Tbsp Chelated Trace Element Mix (7% Fe)
>   2 Tsp K2SO4
>   1 Tsp KNO3
>   2.5 Tbsp MgSO4.7H2O
>   300ml distilled H2O
>   0.5ml 9M HCl
> But can you please explain what the letters and numbers stand for and where
> one can get them? (I know what the H2O is.) Would one go to a hydroponics
> store to find these nutrients?

Fe - iron
K2SO4 - potassium sulphate
KNO3 - potassium nitrate
MgSO4.7H20 - Epsom salts
9M HCl - 9 Molar (i.e. very concentrated) hydrochloric acid

K2SO4, KNO3, and trace element mix are available at hydroponics
shops.  Epsom salts can be phound at any pharmacy.  Hydrochloric acid
can be obtained from hardware/home renovation stores.  If you don't
know how to handle concentrated acids, skip the HCl and keep the drops
in the refrigerator.
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