CO2 regulator

Subject: CO2 regulator

> >A lot of people only _use_ 5 lb tanks.  A 5 lb tank is as heavy
> >tank as I want to tote around, and as big as I can easily hide
> >under my tanks.  It also lasts over 9 months on my 70G tank, so
> >it's not like I have to run down for refills frequently ;-)  
> >Besides, even a 5 lb tank will set you back about $50.
> Wow! $50 to refill a 5 lb. bottle? I only paid $10.55 to have a 
> filled here in Arkansas.

No.  A _REFILL_ costs abot $9 around here for a 5 lb tank, anbout 
$12 for a 20 lb tank.  A 5 lb _TANK_ costs a little more than $50, 
which is why I doubt that many people keep spares around. ;-) 
(Last time I checked a 20 lb _TANK_ cost about $100) 

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA