Re: Submersible heaters

John -

I use Ebo Jagers in my two largest tanks and have been *very* impressed - 
no temperature variation at all, no matter what the room temp.

The only drawback to them is the system of marks used to designate 
temperature; the instructions say the circled mark is ~76 dH and each 
mark represents 1 dC (I think) but on both heaters I have, the circled 
mark is 80 dF.  Took a couple of days of fiddling (and some fish who were 
might tired of seeing my hand without bloodworms in it :) but once I got 
the temp. set - perfection. 

P.S.  I think the 150W was $14.99 from MOPS.

> My heater just gave up the ghost (fortunately, I have a relatively  
> stable apartment temperature), so I'm in the market for a new heater.  
> I'm trying to decide between the Ebo Jager submersible and the  
> Visi-Therm. Has anyone had any experiences (good or bad) with either  
> (or both) of these heaters? Thanks in advance. 
> John Green
> London, ON
> Canada