Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #188

> Hi Sara,
> I have one of those homebrew's on my tank at home.  I have an AquaClear 
> filter(one of those that hang on the outside of the tank).  I just ran 
> the hose down under the foam within the filter where is perculates and 
> gets trapped under the foam and forms a larger bubble.  I believe it 
> saturates into the water there as my plants now producing a lot more 
> bubbles now.  Just and idea and I never smell it at all.

I have a Hagen Tropiquarium, so its totally enclosed, but I can change 
some of that.  I have a cannister filter, and the bes I could do would be 
to clip the end of the tube with airline holders near the intake, as the 
intake grates are small.  I assume that the co2 needs to be pulled out of 
the bottle.