Re: Sending Mail

Some servers deal with bouncy mail by rejecting anything from root, daemon,
postmaster, etc.  Basically anything that would be returning bad mail.
I think the Linux mailing lists work this way, since I don't remember the 
same sort of arrangement with different From addresses and Replyt0o 
(excuse typos, I'm on a slow laptop).

  - Erik

On Fri, 12 Jan 1996, Shaji Bhaskar wrote:

> I have recently started using pine, but mine does not ask me questions,
> it just sends mail to the Reply-To address if present.  I must have a 
> different version (or a different set of options chosen).
> It does seem most mail clients function correctly.
> Too bad it is not possible to set the From: line on the APD to aquatic-plants,
> because this will result in all sorts of error messages (unknown user,
> connection timed out, hostname lookup failure, etc.) being included
> in the digest.
> -Shaji
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> Shaji Bhaskar, Durham, North Carolina                   shaji at nando_net
> On Fri, 12 Jan 1996, Erik Olson wrote:
> > Some mailers (pine, for instance) give you the option by asking "Use 
> > Reply-to instead of From address?"  and it's easy to hit "No" by 
> > mistake.  I'm actually amazed there aren't more misfires here.
> > 
> >   - Erik
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