Nitrates, Dropsy and Algae

> I think I may have a Nitrate problem.

Easy to check out with a nitrate kit.

> One of my Platy's developed a bad case of Dropsy (looks like she is
> going to explode), at first I thought - was hoping - that she was
> pregnant.

Nitrates (or what they indicate) have a cumulative effect. The bloating
symptom you found may be caused by different things, including bacteria,
fungi, and so on, as well as nitrates. Usually when fish get to this stage,
there is no cure.

> Is there a way to reduce or remove the nitrates in my tank safely,
> without a lot of chemical's or $$$?

Yes. Change some of the water regularly. Doing a large change (over 70%)
might be a good thing now in any case because many fish problems are due to
poor water quality.

Greg. Tong
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