Re: Homebrew CO2 Method

Sara A Mchugh had written the following message in Aquatic Plants Digest V1
#187 that she was going to try the homebrew CO2 method:

>I think i am going to try the homebrew co2 project.  the instructions say 
>to put the nd of the tube near the intake, but I really can't.  I can, 
>actually, but it would be tough. also, if anyone has tried this, let me 
>know what do you think of it.  Does it smell?

My question to the collective here is what type of yeast base are you using?
Beer ferment - 24 hrs of CO2
Wine ferment - 4 to 6 weeks of CO2
Mead ferment - 4 to 6 weeks of CO2
Bread ferment - not sure of ferment time.

Has anyone used controlled ferments to produce CO2 that has also produced a
by product like some of these I mentioned?