Nitrates, Dropsy and Algae

I think I may have a Nitrate problem.

One of my Platy's developed a bad case of Dropsy (looks like she is going
to explode), at first I thought - was hoping - that she was pregnant.

I also have a very bad case of Blue-green algae, you know the stuff that's
not really algae but bacteria...

According to the Krib, high Nitrates can be the cause of both problems.

Is there a way to reduce or remove the nitrates in my tank safely, without
a lot of chemical's or $$$?

I thought that maybe running my water through a hydroponic filter of some
kind with some terrestrial plants might help suck it out (or was it
phosphates). Anyway, following this thought I do have some house plant's
growing out of my whisper filter (a rather big one actually - 2' high).

Any thoughts?

- Paul

Paul Evad
pevad at kudosnet_com