Incandescent Light and mailing to the APD

Subject: Incandescant Lighting
> With all this talk about flourescant and MH lighting I
> thought I'd see if anyone had any experience with plain
> old incandescants. Mike T at Delaware Aquatics told me they
> grow great plants, if you use the clear bulbs. Not frosted.
> I might give it a try in a 20 gl. 4-5 watts per gal. Gotta
> be the cheapest way if it works. Anyone tried it yet?

You will find that when you factor in replacement costs and 
electricity costs, plus deal with the excess heat, it's not a very 
cost effective way of growing plants.  Oh, and BTW, _lot's_ of 
people tried it back in the "olden days" before fluorescents were 
around. ;-)



> The CORRECT address for sending articles is aquatic-plants@actwi
> Alternatively, you can reply to incoming email from the list, bu
> do this, be sure to change the subject line to something appropr

This may be part of the problem with some software (like mine - 
RFD Mail) when you reply to incoming mail off the list, it sends 
it to owner.  I have to change the To: line to the list address to 
keep it from going to you.  That's why if I'm in a hurry and 
forget, you get my messages.  At least I'm getting better at 
catching them after the fact!<g>

BTW, thanks again for all the work you do on this list.  We all 
appreciate it!

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA