Re: iron chelate powder

Mark Reineke wrote...
>> I would like to try adding iron to a low-tech planted tank.
>> I have some iron chelate powder (13.2% Fe, 68% EDTA).  Is this
>> an appropriate iron supplement?  How does one calculate the dosage?

Sounds fine but the next time you may wish to try a total
micronutrient mix which includes several other trace elements.
You'd hate to have lots of iron, but run out of manganese or zinc.
Since it is a low-tech tank (no CO2?) you wont need much.

Steve Pushak said....
>Keep the prepared solution in the fridge.

Keep the solution away from heat and light, but why the fridge?
Half-life is probably about one week in the tank. It depends upon
pH, light, heat, turbulence in the water etc. I have been using
the stuff for three or four years now.

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